Susan Samuel is a former New York City Assistant Principal that stepped out on faith to follow her dream, thus It Takes A Community To Raise a Child 24 hrs childcare home of Dream Catcher's youth after school program was born...  
                It Takes A Community To Raise A Child                

ABOUT US                                 

It Takes A Community to raise a child 24Hours Around the Clock 

"For The City That  do not  sleep, Why should your  Childcare."

We Specialize in providing childcare based on your needs. We also provide weekend and drop in childcare services.  Open 24Hours, 7 days per week including holidays.

Come let your child experience a developmentally age appropriate learning center;

Infant Care, Toddler Program, Pre-School-Age, Including Children With Special Needs, Dramatic Play, Science Experiments, Arts & Crafts, Learning Centers, Manipulative's Music, Dance Movement, Storytelling, Fine & Gross Motor Development, Outdoor Recreation, Finger play, Discovery Exploration, Trips, Math & Reading Literacy (That Address NYS Standards) Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Served!
Family Counselor, Parent Workshops, Health and Safety Training! 
Assessment Booklet set up for each child who enrolls. Every child is screened for gifts, Strengths and weaknesses)

ACD/ACS/HRA Vouchers Accepted
iTAC accepts TWU Local 100/MTA NYCT, DC 37 and Military childcare vouchers, and you can locate us in the childcare provider booklet.

Thank You 
Susan Samuel, Your child care specialist and Ed -Educational Director

                                MISSION STATEMENT 

"One Step by 100 persons is better than 100 steps by one Person."

             ~Koichi Tsukamato, president, Wacoal Corp, Japan

It Takes A Community To Raise A Child is a 24-hour seven days a week multi programmatic child care center. Based on the premises of the African proverb "It Takes A Village To Raise A Child"; we are a forum that believes through partnership with administrators, teachers, and parents provide the foundation, and skills children need to be productive members of society.

                                    EDUCATIONAL PHILOSPHY

Skill to do comes of doing; knowledge comes by eyes always open and working hands; and there is no knowledge that is not power.

                                ~Ralph Waldo Emerson.

It Takes A Community To Raise A Child is a facility of learning, which

the students', individual needs so that they may develop physically, spiritually, intellectually, socially, and morally. We believe in educating the whole child; every child is a unique gift, and each may develop through awareness and support of parents, teachers, administrators, and significant others. Students are guided to set higher level of self esteem by being encouraged to reach their goals, students come to aprieciate the gifts of other students as well as to realize, and respect differences in abilities and talents.

Parents are the child's first educators. Administration, and teaching staff realize the difficulties parents face in raising a child today, and it takes a collaborative efforts in order for a child to be successful.

Teachers communicate, and work with parents , support staff and administration in order to affect the child's highest level of achievement. The child's progress is continually evaluated and reported to formulate a realistic expectations of the child's abilities. A curriculum is created taking into consideration the child's mental, physical, social, and emotional capabilities. As surrogate parents for the student, teachers are dedicated and nurturing. They create a secure, loving, and intellectually challenging envioroment for the students.

Each of us at " It Takes A Community To Raise A Child" is a representative of the beliefs and principles that our childcare center upholds. That principle is to enhance scholarship with a solid foundation, and a continuing journey of incisive for knowledge. 

It Takes A Commuinity To Raise A Child is a 501c3 not-for profit 

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